Commissioning Management

CIBSE Code M for Commissioning Management describes the main objective of commissioning management as “to manage the overall commissioning activities, including programming, to achieve the project completion date.”
Taylor & Stapleton offer a proactive, mechanically-biased approach with a rounded and experienced understanding of electrical and controls systems. From reviewing the design for commissionability, through planning and programming, to inspections of installations, reporting on progress and reviewing method statements. We are well placed to provide technical and logistical support throughout the commissioning process, culminating with overseeing witnessing and final hand over to the client. We feel our “hands-on”, bespoke approach to this service genuinely adds value to any project we are engaged on.
Commissionability & Design Review

Our reviews are carried out on a system-by- system basis, utilising design drawings, or where more appropriate, more developed contractor proposed drawings. We would engage with the design team during this process to clarify
and consolidate design strategy and philosophy. Upon completion, we would issue a risk register, detailing findings and to track closure.

Commissioning Plan & Programming

Production of the commissioning plan, and then development of a robust commissioning programme are essential steps towards a successful commissioning process. Our approach is to link information and requirements for each system using a logic diagram or “road-map” for commissioning. This is then used to assist in development of the commissioning programme, taking into account vital inter dependencies and interfaces between electro-mechanical building services systems.

Supervision during commissioning phase

Once installations are complete or nearing completion, Taylor & Stapleton would be on-hand to manage and supervise commencement of the commissioning phase. Both in advance of, and during the process, we would arrange and lead commissioning meetings and workshops, issue monthly progress reports and short-term works schedules, whilst supporting and liaising with the project engineering teams and specialist services providers.

As part of the commissioning process, we would play a key role throughout the witnessing of building services leading to client handover.

Upon successful handover, we have experience in the requirements of client training, seasonal commissioning and “Soft Landings”, to ensure a smooth, hassle free user experience.