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Commissioning HVAC

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Commissioning HVAC

Being one of the oldest Commissioning companies we have huge experience in carrying out independent Commissioning of HVAC systems.


Perhaps more important than ever before, it is vital that HVAC systems are set up properly to achieve correct ventilation requirements, as well as achieving an efficient cost-effective system.


Our services will be tailored to meet the client’s requirements and can include:


  • Pre Commissioning Survey

  • LTHW and CHW water systems

  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Services

  • Supply and Extract Ventilation systems

  • Testing and setting up of pressure regimes in Hospitals and Laboratories

  • Pressurised staircase systems

  • Working with the controls commissioning engineers to ensure complete integration between the mechanical services and the controls operation.

  • Issue of reports electronically including photos.


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