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Water Treatment

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Water Treatment

Taylor & Stapleton has the capability to provide specialist advice on new or existing system and cleaning requirements, methods and suitable target water conditions.


We can advise on supplementary requirements, e.g. biocide washing, to meet your needs. We also have access to a wide range of chemicals to cover any requirements, from polymer cleaning and acid cleaning to microbiocidal treatment programmes.


New heating and cooling closed pipework systems rely on correct flushing, cleaning and treatment to operate as intended. This will involve the removal of installation debris, millscale and building debris. If not removed, these can make the system prone to blockage at e.g. strainers or small control valves. They can also encourage corrosion and the growth of micro-organisms.


Existing heating and cooling closed pipework systems require a more tailored approach than for new systems. Installations, often more than 10 years old, may not incorporate facilities usually included on newly installed, modern systems, may not have been the subject of a suitable water systems maintenance regime and may also be required to remain in service for the duration of the clean.




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